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Creative Connections Arts Academy 7-12

Creative Connections Arts Academy 7-12

Student Community Service

15 Hour Student Community Service Committment

15 Hour Student Community Service Committment

The educational program as described in the CCAA charter states that part of the admission process is a commitment by students to provide community service. For the school year, CCAA expects each K-12 student to provide and document a minimum of 15 hours of community service (with a goal of 5 per trimester or 7.5 per semester). Service may be provided at community events or for non-profit organizations. Students should be careful that their community service benefits the community at large and NOT personal family members, neighbors, or businesses.
To encourage working with our many local service organizations, students in grades 6-12 should partner with a local organization for Field Study Day community service hour assignments. All other community service would just count towards the 15 hour commitment.
REMEMBER: How you describe the activity goes a long way towards making it count. It is the family’s responsibility to record hours earned. Include names, dates, number of hours, and description. See samples below:

Ideas and how this description/activity would count!


Worked at a homeless shelter washing dishes on 9/20 for 2 hours from 4:00 to 6:00. Helping my mom with dishes
Worked in Mrs. Smith’s classroom from 8:00 to 2:30 helping stu-dents, correcting papers, making copies, etc on the second field study day,10/15. Field Study Day
Volunteered at the park district pulling weeds and mowing lawns on 9/06 for 3 hours with the Girl Scout Troup. Mowed a lawn
Worked at a day care helping children with projects, served lunch, etc. on 8/30 for 2 hours Baby sitting
Worked at CCAA Showcase night serving drinks, handing out flyers, for 1 hour from 7-8pm. Showcase Night
Participated in “Race for the Arts” from 8am to 12pm on Saturday, August (or another awareness run like JDRF, Walk for Autism, Walk for the Cure, etc.) and raised money for CCAA by getting pledges Went to a race
Passed out flyers to neighbors and handed them out at local store to help advertise for CCAA Carnival and Craft Fair and other events for 3 hours total (30 minutes x 6 days after school)  
Created homemade holiday cards and visited a local nursing home to pass them out Made cards for family members
Carefully cut several box top coupons in preparation for turning them in. (Max 30 minutes for 25 cut.)  
Cleaned batter’s box and raked infield after each little league game (15 minutes x 10 games)  
Collected items and put together care packages for youth in
hospitals, donated to Ronald MacDonald House (3 hours)


Student Community Service Ideas

Student Community Service Ideas

Volunteer Programs:

Local Organizations:

Other Suggestions:

  • Help out with CCAA Support the Artsefforts:
    • Collect, cut, and count box tops 
    • collect Terracycle Products
  • Help out in libraries
  • Straighten up hymnal books and missals in pews after church service
  • Making pb & j sandwiches for homeless people, putting them in brown bags, decorated with a water bottle, mini toothpaste, soap, etc , and passing them out.
  • Write letters to soldiers (contact recruiters' offices for names)
  • Visit convalescent homes
  • Cleaning parks in neighborhoods 

Pinwheels for Peace

Garden cleanup

Race for the Arts

Orchard cleanup