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Creative Connections Arts Academy 7-12

Creative Connections Arts Academy 7-12

Clubs & Tutoring 2023-2024



  • 7-12 Peer Tutoring is held Tuesdays after school in the Library.  Tutoring available in all subjects.
  • Tutoring is also sometimes available from other local organizations--see Announcements.
Club of the day... Grab your lunch before attending the club meeting

* After school clubs are open to all students in grades 7-12. Students are responsible for arranging a ride home after school club meetings.
Club of the day... Grab your lunch before attending the club meeting


GSA Jr. High
@ Jr. H Lunch
E4 with Ms. Hanson
PURPOSE: A Safe & Inclusive space for all students
NORMS: Respect, confidentiality of what is said to respect student privacy
D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) 
@ After School
D5 with Ms. Childs
PURPOSE: Build friendships through creating a character and saving the world in a fantasy game!
NORMS: 1. Though it's a fantasy game and it does involve combat, all content should remain school appropriate. 2. Be kind to others and understand that everyone has different amounts of experience and comfort role-playing and acting.
Friday Night Live (FNL)
@ HS Lunch
B1 with Mr. Murillo
PURPOSE: The purpose of Friday Night Live is to present a visible commitment to a safe, healthy and drug-free lifestyle. The campaign is designed to accomplish the following: To create awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. To support the decision to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
NORMS: Everybody is welcomed. Be open minded. One voice at the time. Respect. SOAR 


Music Club
@HS Lunch
Band Room with Mr. Seaton
PURPOSE: A weekly opportunity for students to gather and play music together, working individually with peer assistance or in small ensembles. Applying the concepts of small ensembles through the use of Harmony Bridge materials.
NORMS: 1. Showing up consistently 2. Being on Task 3. Collaborating with others 4. Being accepting of others 5. Being responsible for equipment and time management.
Board? Let's do Lunch! 
@HS Lunch
C3 with Ms. Johnson
PURPOSE: Do you have a love for board games? Are you competitive? Or do you just want a nice social environment to hang out in for lunch? If you answered yes, well then - “Board?Let’s Do Lunch” is the club for you. We play different board games, card games, and interactive games like gestures and charades. We are a social club to get together, play games, and have fun. If you’re a social butterfly or want to improve your social skills or just don’t want to sit alone at lunch, please join Board!
NORMS: Come with a growth mindset. Assume good intentions. Don’t cheat yourself or others. Be willing to compromise & share.


@HS Lunch
E4 with Ms. Hanson
PURPOSE: A safe & inclusive space for all students
NORMS: Respect, confidentiality of what is said in club to respect student privacy.


@HS Lunch
C6 with Mr. Patterson
PURPOSE: Have fun and sing your favorite songs in a safe and friendly environment.
NORMS: S.O.A.R. guidelines are always in effect, use the provided sign-up sheet, no questionable songs or lyrics, no booing or teasing-positive vibes only, only one song per singer and finally, have fun.


Environmental Club
@HS Lunch
D5 with Ms. Childs
PURPOSE: Educate and promote eco-friendly mindsets and to make the school more environmentally friendly 
NORMS: Respect everyone. Be green. SOAR
@HS Lunch
PURPOSE: To practice basket ball skills in small groups/build friendships
NORMS: Eat Lunch before entering gym, Everyone gets to play, Practice SOAR on the court.
Small Woodworking Club
@ 3:40 - 4:10 PM
D4 with Ms. Woodward
PURPOSE: Make small wood figurines using carving knives.
NORMS: 1. Always be cautious with carving knives.
2. Be mature with sharp tools. No rough play and jokes with the tools.
3. Clean work area and take care of tools after each session.